Dr. Eric Goulder, MD
Bradley Bale, MD, Pattii DeMatteis ASDH, RDH , Barbara McClatchie DDS, Eric Goulder MD and Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP
Husband and wife team: Dr. Eric Goulder and Dr. Barbara McClatchie.

Who We Are

We believe in challenging the medical model. We believe in bridging medicine with dentistry. We challenge the medical model by preventing disease, empowering our patients and providing personalized care.

Why Dr. Goulder Became a Cardiologist

Cardiologist and Founder of HASCP of Central Ohio

Meet Dr. Eric Goulder, MD

I am Dr. Eric Goulder, a board-certified cardiologist who has been practicing cardiology for more than thirty years. Over this time, I have practiced what is called “standard of care” cardiology. It is based on guidelines that are developed from medical research to obtain the best outcomes for large populations. While that is fine as far as it goes, I now feel that I want to treat each patient based upon his/her particular situation and genetic makeup. We are all a little different, and while a cookbook recipe works well for large groups, it may not be right for you in particular; You are a group of one.

During my cardiology fellowship, I remember taking care of a patient who came in late in the evening with a major heart attack. This young man around 40 years old had none of the classical risk factors for coronary artery disease. He went on to die from his heart attack that night. Obviously, this was in the days prior to balloon angioplasty and coronary artery stents, but still, watching a young man WITHOUT underlying hypertension, diabetes, obesity or a smoking history pass away made an impression on me. We were missing a huge piece of the puzzle as to the mechanism for the development of coronary artery disease.

We can tell you to quit smoking, watch your diet, exercise more and control your blood pressure. And, all these measures do help in controlling the atherosclerotic (hardening of the arteries) process some. We could never, however, really slow the progression significantly or prevent the whole process from occurring.

Now, thanks to some recent research, we know that the underlying problem to the development of coronary artery disease is not simply cholesterol or hypertension, smoking or a sedentary lifestyle. The underlying problem that allows coronary artery disease to develop is inflammation.

It is the inflammation in the arterial wall that allows the cholesterol to build up in the arteries. That inflammation can come from a multitude of sources. It can be from diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. It can come from obstructive sleep apnea or gout, and on and on.

Also, with research, we now know that heart attacks and strokes can be prevented when the inflammation is properly diagnosed and treated through the Bale Doneen Method. The Bale Doneen Method uses science-based research, testing and a precision-driven approach to help predict and prevent heart attacks and ischemic strokes.

Since two of the most common sources of inflammation result from periodontal disease and diabetes, we work closely with your dentist, or you can work directly with our dentist, Dr. Barbara McClatchie, DDS. She is also trained in the Bale Doneen Method.

We are a husband and wife team and are thrilled to have won an award for opening the first and only medical center in the United States with an accredited Cardiologist and Dentist to practice the Bale Doneen Method under one roof. Together, we bridge the gap between medicine and dentistry to help patients live healthier and longer lives.

We work either independently with you or in partnership with your team of medical professionals to ensure optimal care.