When one suffers a stroke, the symptoms may reveal themselves suddenly but there are some instances when the symptoms develop gradually. The symptoms of stroke also differ depending on the type of stroke one may be dealing with, be it ischaemic or hemorrhagic.

Migraines can cause one to experience extreme headaches, be nauseous and vomit. In fact, all these signs are the warning signs of a stroke. These symptoms are more gradual and will manifest themselves over time. However, vision problems will not quickly manifest themselves but after some time, they will be obvious.

When one is about to suffer a stroke, weakness and numbness can begin to take place, either on one side or certain areas of the body. A patient can suddenly get dizzy and not be able to walk or be coordinated. When one is showing these symptoms, those around the patient can check for these signs and rush the individual to a medical facility for proper tests. They can do their own tests which can help show the side that has become weak. If a person is slurring, it’s a sign of a stroke and an indication that they should be rushed to the hospital.

The signs that are usually sudden are numbness and weakness, facial and body paralysis, confusion, speech and problems with understanding things. Vision problems will be quite sudden and so will be dizziness and coordination problems. Headaches can be either gradual or sudden.

When the affected brain tissue dies, it can cause the blockage of blood to the brain. It will have a role to play on whether the symptoms are going to be sudden or gradual.  Blockages can be across various locations, thus causing one to have multiple strokes quite suddenly.