A stroke is also referred to as the cerebrovascular accident. It is a condition that needs to be taken seriously, as it has caused death and disability in a lot of cases. Strokes have signs and symptoms that help indicate when one is about to suffer a stroke.

There are some measures one can take so as to reduce the risk of them suffering from a stroke when these symptoms begin to show up. In most cases, patients have to change their lifestyle and start taking medication that works on the symptoms. Patients have to get medication that helps deal high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. If suffering from diabetes, they have to ensure that it is in control. They also have to start eating healthier foods, give up smoking, reduce their alcohol intake and exercise regularly.

Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome is a disorder that happens as a result of severe headaches and narrowing of blood vessels. The good news is they are reversible and can be treated. These disorders increase the chances of one suffering a stroke as they cause arteries to become narrower and thus reduce the blood flow. The severity of the RCVS helps determine the treatment to be administered. Patients may be given fluids intravenously, and medications for headaches and migraines can also be administered. Calcium channel blocker can be used as a method of relaxing the blood veins and in the process allow blood to flow normally.

Patients who do not get early stroke treatment suffer major damages which could leave them with life-changing conditions. There is, however, a solution that helps in healing and could reverse some of the damages. The process involves the growth of nerve fibers which helps as a new solution to make up for brain cells that were destroyed by the stroke. If done effectively, it helps in giving people a new timeframe for recovery and restore normal function in patients.