Diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, etc. are some of the most common causes of stroke. But if you have a history of stroke or heart disease in your family, you are more likely to suffer from it. The chance of stroke or heart disease increases if any of your family members have suffered from it in the past. Other stroke risk factors can be controlled through prevention or medication but the genetic factor is uncontrollable. Hence the person needs to be more careful and detect any early signs of stroke.

Stroke risk factors, such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure all have certain components that are genetic. Researchers state that if any of your parents have suffered from the stroke then your risk factor increases two times. It is hereditary and hence one needs to be more serious in undertaking regular medical checkups and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, it does not mean that if it was there in your family you too may suffer from a stroke. But one needs to be extra careful as the risk is higher too for them. Such a person should always monitor their blood pressure levels, weight, and cholesterol.  They should have a healthy diet which includes fruits, vegetables, pulses, etc. They should exercise regularly and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Environmental factors and lifestyle that family shares play an important to make stroke hereditary.

One can determine if the stroke is genetic in his family or no by checking if their family lacks physical activity, are overweight, include more or fats or cholesterol foods in their diet, smoke and drinks alcohol. It is important to bring a change in the lifestyle in order to prevent a stroke. Strokes can pass from one generation to another and it very important for all the family members to adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep a check over the signs and symptoms of stroke.

Certain genetic complications, like sickle cell disease, may also cause a stroke. It is a disorder of blood that is mostly found in Hispanic and African American descent. Another disorder called CADASIL is also genetic which may cause a stroke. However, these two genetic disorders are very rare.