Cell-to-Cell Communication—Oral Health and Systemic Health

This three-dimensional (3D) video, Cell-to-Cell Communication—Oral Health and Systemic Health, outlines specific benefits that are important to oral health professionals.

Søren Jepsen, DDS, MD, MS, PhD—a professor and chairman of the Department of Periodontology, Operative, and Preventive Dentistry at the University Hospital of Bonn in Bonn, Germany says, “The film illustrates how periodontitis may contribute to systemic conditions such as atherosclerosis or diabetes, or negatively influence their course. It also shows how diabetes negatively impacts the periodontal tissues.”

Jepsen describes the video technology as an excellent example of modern science transfer. “It is hoped that this video will help oral health professionals communicate these findings to their patients,” Jepsen adds.

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