When the blood supply to the brain is restricted, a stroke may occur as the brain receives insufficient nutrients and oxygen. The cells in the brain die due to blocked arteries. A stroke may lead to complications in the survivor which may be permanent or temporary. It depends upon how fast medical treatment of stroke was provided to the suspect. The family of the survivor is also affected, as the person becomes dependent and goes through emotional and physical distress.

Some of the complications of stroke are as mentioned below:

Paralysis: A person may be paralyzed on one side of the body or may have lost movement in the muscles on the arm, face or legs. Such a person will face difficulty in walking, dressing, eating and other basic activities. Physiotherapy and exercise are provided to such persons.

Difficulty in swallowing or talking: Loss of control over throat and mouth muscle will make it difficult for the person to talk or swallow the food. The person may face difficulty in understanding languages, reading or writing. Speech and language therapy works well for such survivors.

Memory loss: This is the most difficult complication that may have a severe effect on the survivor as well as his family. The survivor may face problem in making judgments, thinking, reasoning, concept understanding etc.

Emotional problems: The stroke survivor may feel depressed and may find it difficult to control his emotions.

Pain: People who suffered from a stroke may experience pain, sensation or numbness in any part of the body which was affected by stroke. Their body becomes sensitive towards changes in temperature too.

Stroke survivors who suffer from any of the above-mentioned complications may need help to do their daily activities. Such persons need support and care from their families. The family needs to devote time, energy, money and extra attention to such stroke survivors so that they don’t feel left out or helpless. Proper stroke medication, stroke management, and therapy should be provided to the survivors for their quick recovery and also reduce their dependency.