Heart disease is one of the major causes of death. Even though some of its causes cannot be avoided, there are however risk factors that can be reduced for heart disease prevention. Risk factors usually involve lifestyle habits, so there is plenty to be done. It is important to bear in mind that by having at least one risk factor, chances of developing a heart condition increase enormously.

The first step towards heart disease prevention is to have information about risk factors, which include smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, the lack of physical activity, eating badly, and some metabolic issues. It is therefore important to check risk factors by running some tests and take a look at blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, body mass index, and glucose levels in order to have an idea of where we stand. You can talk to your healthcare provider to find out about these tests and about seeing a cardiologist for other specific tests, as well as for further inquiry.

Apart from age and family history, most of these risk factors we can be addressed by making some small yet significant changes. Overall, prevention has to do with modifying lifestyle routines, shifting into a healthier life. This means no smoking, staying physically active, and keeping a healthy weight. As easy as they appear to be, sometimes these habits involve stress, so stress managing and relaxing activities should also be part of the list. The important thing is that when deciding to change our lifestyle we do so with planned realistic goals so that we can actually achieve them and keep moving forward.

When thinking about prevention, what comes to mind is what we can actually do to avoid heart disease. And here it is important to understand how silently these conditions develop so that although there may not be symptoms risk can still be unfolding. Don’t wait until you have a scare or an actual heart problem before taking precautionary measures. Start now and help prevent the pain. And remember that out of sight surely doesn’t mean out of the heart.