A heart attack is one of the biggest killers throughout the world. It is a disease which leaves a long-term effect on the patient. Heart attack or stroke occurs when the arteries which supply blood to heart muscle (coronary arteries) become blocked by the fatty substance known as atheroma or plaque. The clogged arteries can result in cutting off the blood flow to a particular heart muscle and make it die eventually.

People should know the risk factors which can cause them a heart attack or stroke in the future. There are many risks which can easily weaken the heart, few risks depend on you and others are just a game of fate.

Unavoidable Risks:
The heart or stroke risk factors are most of the times unavoidable, no matter how careful the routine is:

  • Age: The risk of heart disease increases with the increase in age.
  • Family History: It can also be in your genes and if someone in a family already had an attack or stroke, there are high chances for you to get it too.
  • Gender: Between men and women, men are likely to have a higher risk of heart attack.

Avoidable Risks:
Most of the heart attack cases recorded occur due to the factors caused by a patient himself/herself. These causes of strokes can easily be avoided by changing the daily routine:

  • Smoking: Not only cancer but smoking can affect all your body parts especially your heart. Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen and damages the artery walls easily.  
  • High Blood Pressure: It is not something to let go, high blood pressure is the earliest symptom of a heart attack as it can damage the arteries by accelerated atherosclerosis.
  • High Cholesterol: Cholesterol is the main reason for a build-up plaque in the coronary arteries. High cholesterol is caused by eating unhealthy food containing trans fats and saturated fats.
  • Diabetes: A diabetic patient whose pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin are at higher risk of angina, stroke, and heart attack.  
  • Obesity: Most of the diseases in a person is due to the one common cause i.e. Obesity. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, all are associated with being overweight.
  • Stress/Depression: According to many studies, people suffering from severe depression are at greater risk of heart attack or stroke.