The heart attack is an issue which needs immediate care due to its life-threatening results. If you’re a man, it’s more likely for you to experience a heart attack. Compared to women, men have the heart attack earlier. And if you’re a smoker, cholesterol, high BP, or diabetes patient, your chances of getting an attack are much higher.

There are people who don’t show any concern about the early signs of a stroke or heart attack, even if they suspect it. Following are some symptoms seen in most of the men:

  1. Chest Pain: A standard chest pain is a main and the most common symptoms of heart attack. Feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest is an indication that you’re having a heart attack. Normally it is a tightening and squeezing pain mostly at the left side of a chest.
  2. Upper Body Pain: Experiencing a pain or discomfort in the areas including arms, neck, jaw, and stomach, are the hints for a heart attack.
  3. Irregular Heartbeat: Whenever you feel your beat unusual than ever, without any second thoughts go to a doctor. Rapid and irregular than before heartbeat is risky.
  4. Stomach Discomfort: Some people may think that stomach discomfort is normal. But sometimes you’ve to focus on yourself. A sudden stomach discomfort which is rare might be a symptom of a heart disease and not normal indigestion.
  5. Dizziness: A point where you started to feel lightheaded without any particular reason, make sure to inform someone immediately before passing out, as it can easily be a symptom of heart attack.
  6. Other: Symptoms like sudden cold sweat, nausea, and breath shortness can be dangerous and require a check-up immediately.   

These are the most common symptoms seen in the ER of the hospitals. But don’t only rely on this list. Trust your instinct and go to the doctor whenever you feel like. According to some researchers, 10% of men don’t even feel a chest or any other kind of pain and yet they still suffered a heart attack. Most of the deaths occur are due to the ignorance and negligence by the patients. Do not be a part of that list and visit your doctor more often for regular checkups.