Just so you know men and women are different in all aspects of life, similarly they’re also very different in a matter of health. Before a heart attack, men ages from 18-55 are much healthier than the women of similar age. According to American research women who are under 55 years of age have fewer chances of a heart attack as compared to men. However, these women are more prone to medical issues and poor physical conditions which can lead to heart attacks.

Heart disease in women are somewhat different from men, therefore it doesn’t feel the same when a woman goes through the heart attack.
Just like the feeling, women also don’t always get symptoms same as men. Following are the six symptoms of a heart attack which is common in women:

  1. Chest Discomfort: The most common and major symptom of heart attack is chest pain. Unlike most men, the pain can be anywhere in the chest with a squeezing feeling.
  2. Pain in the Upper Body: The pain in the upper body which is the arm, back, neck, or jaw, is much more common in women than men. The pain can be sudden and gradual.
  3. Sweating: Women who’re having a heart attack, cold sweat is a common symptom. It’ll be different from the workout sweat and more like the stress sweat.
  4. Stomach Pain: Do not ignore your stomach ache thinking diarrhea, flu, or cramps. A feeling like an elephant is sitting on your stomach is a matter of concern.
  5. Fatigue: When a woman suddenly feels tired even after resting for a while, then this may indicate that she’s having a heart attack.
  6. Other: Symptoms like nausea, shortness of breath, or lightheadedness can be the symptoms of a heart attack. If you’re having trouble in breathing without any proper reason then it’s possible that you’re having a heart attack.

Don’t compare your symptoms with men. It’s necessary to know the difference between men and women’s symptoms for future comfort.