Heart attacks are very random in nature, they have no set time and often occur very suddenly. It may take a while for one to realize that they are experiencing a heart attack. Many things happen in one’s body when they are experiencing a heart attack and plaque buildup can be fatal when this happens, as it may permanently or temporarily stop the blood flow to one’s heart.

So the first thing to note is that plaque will build up over a period of time. Plaque is sticky in nature and is made of fatty components, cholesterol as well as white blood cells. It causes a blockage in blood veins that supply the heart with blood. Should the plaque be disturbed, it breaks into a lot of tiny pieces that reroute, move and stay across various places in the body. When this happens, the red blood cells and the white blood cells assume that the blood vessels are in trouble and they begin to move and attach themselves to the plaque. This is a self-healing mode which is detrimental, as these cells ultimately block one’s blood vessels.

This blockage then restricts the blood from flowing towards the heart and thus the heart muscles are restrained from receiving blood; meaning these heart muscles become deprived of oxygen and slowly begin to die. The spinal cord is then alerted that the heart is not functioning properly, putting the body in what is known as a fight or flight mode. Upon receiving the message, the spinal cord then relays the message to the brain and the brain then receives the message which is then expressed in the form of pain in one’s jaw, left hand as well as the chest. This intense pain spreads all over the neck, shoulder blades, back and sometimes even the abdomen.

The body, being in fight or flight mode, begins to sweat heavily which is a good thing; as it alerts those around you that something is not right and you need urgent medical attention. The lungs are also affected since one cannot breathe properly. Thus the heart cannot send blood and oxygen towards the lungs, causing them to stop functioning properly.

Heart attacks make one feel like they are being squeezed around the chest area. Heart muscles slowly begin to die if not treated due to the lack of oxygen. If one’s heart stops beating then the brain cells would be dead in less than seven minutes. It’s extremely vital for one to receive urgent medical attention when displaying signs of a heart attack as those are the crucial moments.