There are a few conditions that display the signs and symptoms of heart attacks but aren’t necessarily heart attacks. One may feel like their heart is being squeezed or pressure is being added to it. They might suddenly have problems in breathing and begin to feel weak.

With such symptoms, it’s easier to think that one is suffering a heart attack but it could be a panic attack. Panic attacks have the traits and physical symptoms that mimic a heart attack but in reality, it’s a problem that has absolutely nothing to do with one’s heart. The one who is having a heart attack has a very rapid heartbeat and thus they cannot breathe properly. They can also experience intense chest pains which could lead them to be hospitalized. Anxiety attacks are just a panic disorder and it’s always best for individuals to have a clear understanding as to why they experience these attacks and the reasons of their manifestations.

During a panic attack, one can display symptoms like being light-headed, chest pains, breathing issues, weakness of the body as well as a rapid heartbeat. These symptoms are very physical and frightening, as they display all the traits of a heart attack. These symptoms cause one to feel like they are facing death and this is also a similar experience to when one is dealing with a heart attack.

There are a few reasons as to why panic attacks mimic heart attack symptoms. Hyperventilation is one of them which happens when one cannot breathe properly due to short breathing. This causes the victim to experience chest pains and become light headed. The adrenalin rush is also a contributing factor as to why panic attacks mimic heart attacks. It is the reason why one could experience rapid heartbeat and tingle in the body.

There are ways one can tell if they are having a heart attack or a panic attack, and the most effective way is to get checked by a medical practitioner. However, when one is experiencing a panic attack the chest pains are sharper and often restricted to a particular area as compared to that of a heart attack which is often spread out and does not have a central point. Panic attacks reach their high point when one has been experiencing them for about ten minutes and then the pain slowly goes away.

There are other conditions that may also be confused with a heart attack, such as chest pains also known as angina, and heartburn which can cause chest pains as well as high blood pressure. The best way to tell what they are suffering from is to get a doctor’s diagnosis and be very conscious of their medical conditions.