Heart diseases affect a lot of children and adults, and they do not discriminate in terms of age and gender. Generally, anyone can be at risk of heart diseases if they are not cautious. However, teenagers and children do not have as high risks as adults. There is no certain age for one to start protecting themselves from these diseases. It should be a part of one’s lifestyle to ensure they will not increase the risk factors in their lives.

Risk factors have a role to play when it comes to one developing a heart disease. High blood pressure is easier to detect in adults but not so much in children. It is a risk factor for heart attacks and thus parents ought to check their child’s blood pressure quite often. Children usually suffer from high blood pressure as a result of their genes or some other problems they may be dealing with, such as kidney problems or a heart disease.

Cholesterol buildup usually happens over a period of time. However, a lower percentage of children are affected by high cholesterol in the early stages of life. There has been recently an increase of obesity due to unhealthy eating in children, thus increasing their risks of getting a stroke and a heart attack at an early age. In adults a combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking increase their chances of getting both heart attacks and strokes.

Age is a huge factor for people to suffer from either heart attacks or strokes. Older people have the higher chances of suffering from either one of these two or even the both of them. Adults in their 40s and 50s stand a higher chance at having strokes.

People who smoke should try to stop as early as possible, as this is a huge risk factor for both diseases. Exercising should be done on a regular basis. Moreover, healthy eating should be one’s lifestyle from the early ages of life. Blood pressure should be monitored from childhood to reduce chances of having strokes and heart attacks.