What to Expect

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We offer personalized care instead of rushing you out the door. Our interest is in getting to know you, developing a long-term relationship and providing optimal care to you.

Here are some things to expect at your initial visit:

  • Plan on several hours for your initial visit to the center. We will use this time for a variety of things including education, medical exams, reviewing test results, answering your questions and creating your individual plan. We use this time to get to know you and for you to get to know us. It is important that you feel comfortable with us helping to manage your healthcare along with your other health professionals like your family physician, cardiologist and dentist.
  • We start with your history form that you completed prior to your first visit as a jumping off point to discuss and understand your past medical history in detail.
  • You will learn the principles behind the development of atherosclerosis or arterial blockages. It is presented in an easily understandable fashion, and fortunately, there will be no quiz afterward! We want to make sure you understand why we are doing what we are doing for you.
  • We will perform a Complete health dental evaluation which will include :

    • Patient education
    • Conebeam Scan (3D head and neck x-ray)
    • Oral DNA Saliva Test (Looking for certain bacteria)
    • Pre-test questions to ensure clearance for test (Chlorhexidine, 2 weeks last dental cleaning and 2 months antibiotic.)
    • Oral Cancer screening
    • Intra oral photos
    • Restorative charting
    • Periodontal charting
    • Dental exam by Dr. McClatchie
    • Dental treatment plan
  • We will conduct a physical exam designed to evaluate your cardiovascular system and to look for other areas of inflammatory disease.
  • Based on your testing a personalized plan will be created.
  • We end with time to answer your questions and go over your plan.