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Our space is located off of Wilson Bridge Road. Come visit us, we are the only class A medical facility in Worthington.

Can I prevent a heart attack?

I have heart disease in my family, is there anything I can do?

I’ve had a heart attack and don’t want to go through that again.
Can I do anything that truly makes a difference?

The short answer to these questions is Yes!

We help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

But this isn’t your parents’ prevention program.

We are providing medical and dental partnership, providing personalized care to those who are proactively working to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Our first-of-its-kind type of facility opened July of 2017 in Worthington, Ohio.

What we love.

What makes us jump out of bed in the morning is empowering people who want to prevent a first or next heart attack or stroke, by providing them the personalized information they need to take control of their health.

The problem we solve.

As a board-certified cardiologist for thirty plus years,  Dr. Goulder has always felt that we were missing something important in the practice of cardiology: Prevention.

Our unique solution.

That’s why we use the Bale Doneen Method which shifts care from the disease and repair model to a proactive health and prevention model. This is accomplished in incremental steps by a Bale Doneen trained cardiologist and dentist who use a non-invasive procedure and precision medicine to look at your individual genetic makeup. This highly personalized approach guides specific prevention recommendations so each individual person can prevent a heart attack and stroke.

If you are interested in preventing a heart attack or stroke, we’d love to help you.

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We are a concierge style practice devoted to your arterial health. The goal of preventing an atherosclerotic event involves your active participation in the treatment plan devised by Dr. Goulder. We will be working with your current medical/dental team to accomplish this goal of vascular health. Since we are confident that with your participation we can prevent heart attacks and strokes, we guarantee our results. If you suffer a heart attack or stroke resulting from atherosclerosis, we will refund your fees for that calendar year. This includes atherosclerotic events and does not include embolic or hemorrhagic events. Naturally, you will still need the care of your primary care physician and dentist for your other medical conditions.

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