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If you are interested in heart attack and stroke prevention services in Ohio, please contact us to schedule an appointment!
WSAZ News Channel 3

American Heart Month | Oral Health and Heart Issues

Let’s Talk America Podcast

Leading Cardiologist and Dentist Talk Heart Disease


Dentists urge patients to be mindful of oral hygiene while wearing masks

FOX 28

Going to the Dentist Could Prevent a Heart Attack


Briefing: Taking a Bite out of Heart Attacks with Dental Prevention

Houston Business Journal

Couple pairs cardiology and dentistry to fight heart disease

Mix 107.9

“Mask Breath,” Oral Health and Heart Disease


Your Mouth is a Window to Heart Health

Women’s Health

5 Crazy Things That Happen When You Don't Brush Your Tongue

Dental Product Shopper

Rebecca Owens Boyer, RDH – A Dental Practice Hero in the Fight Against Periodontal Disease

Time to Live Podcast

Episode 18: Heart Attacks are Optional! With Eric Goulder, MD, FACC and Barbara McClatchie, DDS

Hispanic MPR

Oral and Cardiac Health with Eric Goulder, MD, FACC

In The Media

The HASPC of Central Ohio

Columbus Cardiologist

Dr. Eric Goulder and Dr. Barbara McClatchie present nationally to healthcare professionals and local communities, through speaking engagements and interviews. They are proud to lead the first and only medical center in the United States with an accredited cardiologist and dentist practicing The BaleDoneen method in one facility.

Your Family's Health: Heart Health & Dentistry Connection

Interview with Dr. McClatchie and Goulder of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center

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