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When you arrive for your first visit, you will be greeted by our concierge patient coordinator, Patti Cozby. You will then sit down and meet with Dr. Eric Goulder, board certified and BaleDoneen certified cardiologist, to discuss your goals, hopes, and concerns regarding your health. Then, we will begin the testing process, which includes advanced lab testing, advanced genetic testing, and an oral glucose tolerance test. Then, you will meet with Dr. Goulder to go over your medical and family history, receive a complete physical examination, and a Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test (CIMT). Click here to learn more about the advanced testing we offer.

Stopping the Process of Arterial Disease

Following your medical assessment, you will be assessed by our dental partners, Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, all in the same office as The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio. Here, you will receive a full periodontal disease assessment and 3-D Cone Beam scan, ruling out common sources of inflammation that can drive heart attacks and strokes. These infections can often be asymptomatic (just like arterial disease). We will also do a saliva test, to test for 11 pathogenic bacteria that can lead to systemic diseases, including heart disease. Some of these high-risk oral bacteria can be causal for heart attacks! 50% of unexpected heart attacks and strokes are triggered by oral bacteria that live in your mouth.


Once we have all your test results, approximately 3 weeks later, we will meet to review all results and support and guide you on a personalized treatment plan. This treatment plan may include lifestyle modifications, specific diet recommendations, prescriptions, supplement recommendations, and dental treatment. By targeting the root causes of your arterial disease, we can get the inflammatory process under control and allow the atherosclerotic plaque to heal, stabilize, and even reverse. We are so confident in this process, that we offer a guarantee of arterial wellness.

If you would like to learn more and schedule your initial assessment, please contact us.

Following your initial assessment and results review, you will be introduced to our Patient Care Liaison, Patti Dematteis. You will receive continuing care recommendations for the next year, monthly check-in calls, and access to Dr. Goulder 24/7 via call, text, or email for any issues you may have while under our care.

Inflammatory Testing

We provide a guarantee of arterial wellness. Yes, a guarantee you will not have a heart attack or stroke on our watch. That is a powerful promise!

What to Expect at Your Initial Assessment

The HASPC of Central Ohio

Preventive Cardiologist

Not ready to start with the full assessment? Start with a CIMT Test to learn your disease status!

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