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We invite you to view these short, educational videos that discuss our methodologies, services, and science behind our innovative, preventative approach to optimal wellness.

A New Standard of Care

Our Approach to Prevention

Cat in the Gutter

Foundation of the BaleDoneen Method


Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

Oral Systemic Health


The HASPC of Central Ohio

Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. Goulder Explains CIMT

Dr. Goulder Explains CIMT

True Prevention

Our Approach to Prevention - Risk Factors

Genetics and Cardiovascular Disease

Why I Left Standard of Care Cardiology

Why I Practice With a Dentist

What is The BaleDoneen Method?

Heart Disease- America's #1 Killer

Preventative Approach to Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Goulder Explains the BaleDoneen Method


Why I Became a Cardiologist

Your Initial Visit

Founding of the HASPC of Central Ohio

The BaleDoneen Method

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