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In honor of May being National Stroke Awareness Month, our cardiologist, Dr. Eric Goulder, appeared on FOX28 Columbus. Click here to see the interview and learn about a new test that could detect your risk for a stroke.

In this blog post, Dr. Goulder explains how the idea for this practice is rooted in his frustration that not enough is being done to prevent disease. Guideline driven cardiology looks at certain risk factors you may have and then arrives at a 10-year risk level for you. If the risk level isn’t very high, you’re told you’re doing fine and nothing changes. Click here to learn more.

In honor of National Stroke Awareness Month, Cbus Chic thought it might be a good (and beneficial) idea to ask Dr. Eric Goulder and Dr. Barb McClatchie of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center (HASPC) of Central Ohio for some heart health tips. Click here to read their tips!