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  • Writer's pictureEric Goulder, MD, FACC

How are you celebrating Heart Health Month?

When we talk about heart disease treatment, many people don’t think about preventative care outside of exercise and healthy diet. We can track your entire disease progression by taking a look at your artery walls with simple tests and prevent disease from ever happening.

And did you know that up to 50% of heart attacks and strokes are driven by oral bacteria? Why is this scientific fact not more widely known?

Medical dental collaboration

The current standard takes a risk factor approach when assessing your health. At The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio and Complete Health Dentistry of Columbus, we examine all facets of your health, searching for precursors to disease in order to obtain a clearer picture of your health status and the root causes of any disease risk.

Through advanced testing we can create a personalized healthcare plan to provide healthcare, not sick care. If you’re new or hesitant to this type of medical dental collaboration, we have the perfect way for you to start. Our Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test (CIMT Test is a 20 minute ultrasound of your carotid artery. Through this non-invasive test, we can see any physical evidence of disease in your arteries, know your status, and determine your risk level. And February is a great time to take advantage of this radiation free test! During Heart Health Month (February), we’re offering this test for $199.

Approved by The American Health Association over 20 years ago as safe, reliable, and repeatable, this test will help us determine if your arteries are aging faster due to inflammation.

Preventative health care as the new standard

Still not ready to visit our office? Start with a podcast!

Dr. Barb McClatchie and Dr. Eric Goulder are featured on two episodes of the Ask Why Medicine Podcast. They discuss how they became interested in the oral systemic connection and how learning about The BaleDoneen Method led them to create their revolutionary collaborative practice. They talk about easily overlooked signs of inflammation and how the current standard of care can be narrowly focused on one part of the patient’s body, as opposed to looking at the system as a whole.

“There’s probably 15 things that we know of for sure that help drive inflammation, and 3 of those things are dental issues. I can get everything else under control, but if those things aren’t under control, I’m not going to be successful in stopping the arterial disease process.” Eric Goulder, MD, FACC

Achieving whole body health through preventative care is not the way our national healthcare currently operates. But what if it were? In these episodes, ​​the two doctors detail different stories of patients whose lives were saved through whole body care. Heartbreaking and inspiring, each story illustrates the importance of taking a patient’s oral care seriously. Dr. McClatchie states that patients must be their own advocates in their healthcare journey, even when it means seeking out an opinion from a separate specialist.

“We’ve learned that 50% of heart attacks and strokes are driven by oral bacteria so where is that bacteria coming from? It’s either coming from infected teeth or infected gums.” Barb McClatchie, DDS

Stop guessing and start testing!

You don’t have to live in fear or uncertainty. You can take proactive steps today to reduce your disease risk and get treatment if needed. The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio can help you change the future of your health.


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