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  • Writer's pictureEric Goulder, MD, FACC

How Does Sleep Affect Your Health?

We all know that sleep is important, but do you know how lack of sleep impacts your overall health? Sleep deprivation plays a significant role in the inflammatory process, even causing increases in inflammatory markers such as cytokines, interleukin-6, and C-reactive protein.

Additionally, sleep deprivation affects your body’s ability to clean beta-amyloid protein from your brain—a process that happens during deep sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a continued buildup of these proteins and cause inflammation, increasing your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body's natural reaction against injury and infection. Acute inflammation is the response to sudden damage, such as a papercut or other more serious injury. To heal, your body sends inflammatory cells to the site of the injury to begin the healing process, which is a temporary response. However, when the inflammation continues after there is no visible damage, this is called chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to a number of chronic inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Inflammation can be easily measured with advanced testing that assesses your unique inflammatory state and cardiovascular risk. Monitoring your inflammatory status may allow you to catch the beginning stages, and even treat advanced stages of inflammation, in an effort to reduce your cardiovascular risk. The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio offers advanced inflammation testing in Columbus, Ohio, which provides additional and complementary insight into cardiovascular risk beyond standard cholesterol testing alone. This inflammation testing consists of simple blood and urine biomarkers that identify inflammatory risk across a risk spectrum.

Reducing Chronic Inflammation

At the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, we have a team comprised of both medical and dental professionals. We offer advanced inflammation tests, sleep screenings, genetic testing for cardiovascular disease, and more.

By working together, we can treat all the root causes of inflammation, resulting in a settling down of the inflammatory process, allowing the arteries to heal, and guaranteeing arterial wellness for a lifetime.

You can take action now, before something happens, and experience the power of preventative healthcare in Columbus, Ohio. Contact us at the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio to learn more and schedule an appointment today.

The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, located in Columbus, OH, is the first center in the nation to feature the expertise of cardiology and dentistry under one roof, providing a personalized experience for every patient. For further information, questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact the office at (614) 412-1157.


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